Spy's Eye On: Hungary

Hello everyone, Spy here, not on holiday and not travelling home. We've got a couple of days of testing to come before pushing off, which means a couple more days having a snooze under the truck avoiding the heavy lifting. It's hot in Budapest; very hot. Much better to let the younger lads do the fetching and carrying.

Speaking of things that are testing: really not a very good opening lap of the race yesterday. Received wisdom is that the cardinal sin is hitting your team-mate. That's not actually true: the cardinal sin is getting caught hitting your team-mate. Back in the days of low-definition TV and locked-off cameras, you could stand firm and deny everything. That's not so easy now, which is why Daniel spent the race standing on the pitwall, going double teapot and Max had to do a bit of sheepish apologising post-race.

Dan really fancied his chances this weekend, having been on the podium here in each of the last three years, including that tremendous victory in 2014. He's come a long way from his debut visit as a reserve driver when in the autograph session he got to sign his first baby and spent the full hour convinced people thought he was Sébastien Buemi.

Other than that, quite a good weekend at the coalface. The much-anticipated upgrades seemed to do what they were much-anticipated to do. The Hungaroring isn't particularly power-sensitive so that probably flattered us a little bit, and a sterner test will be offered in Spa next time out but everything worked, nothing caught fire and we have happy engineers. Or, at least, engineers less unhappy than usual. There should be a good chance in the second half of the year to get in the mix. There isn't a championship there for us to win, so our appointed role for the rest of the season is that of the yappy, ankle-biting Jack Russell, annoying and generally disrupting the plans of the contenders, blowing raspberries*, stealing their trophies and generally getting in the way. S'only fair. They'd do it to us.

Elsewhere, there's a lot going on. Paul di Resta did amazingly well to come in as the coldest of cold replacements and have a really good go at it despite not having the slightest clue about the tyres and never having driven the car. Everyone was pleased to see him back in the cockpit** – 'cos he's a bit too good to be carrying the drinks. Then there was Lewis, making the smart move and ceding third back to Valtteri. The media seemed a little bit upset about that, obviously wanting Lewis to be Dick Dastardly – though Lewis has never been particularly dastardly. And Kevin Magnussen! Nice one Kev! Good to see a driver who's been listening to his mechanics and picking things up – but really, you kiss your mother with that mouth? Spy's not the only one who could do with a couple of weeks off to cool down.

*Not an activity usually associated with small dogs – though surprisingly common among cartoon animals.

**insert joke here about 'probably Sky Sports F1 viewers most of all'