A Stone's throw from home

We're into the final stretch of the home run now and after a bittersweet weekend at the Red Bull Ring we're busy setting up shop at the team's second home grand prix, the British Grand Prix.

The sweet element at the Red Bull Ring was, of course, Daniel's fifth podium finish in a row, a result built on an excellent start and then a brilliantly controlled move past Kimi Raikkonen at the top of the hill in Turn 3. After that it was all about consolidation and ultimately a stalwart defence of the position from a hard-charging Lewis Hamilton, a defence the Honey Badger said required him to do "all I could to keep the podium".

While the podium finish resulted in a stream of delighted howls in the cockpit of car 3, the big takeaway from the weekend for Daniel was his ability to match Hamilton on pace in the final third of the race. The pair exchanged a flurry of extremely quick laps as Hamilton attacked and Daniel responded, but the pace of the RB13 – on what was not forecast to be one of the team's best venues – gives Daniel hope of a good outing at Silverstone this weekend.

"I could see Seb for most of the race in the distance and he could see Valtteri, so I was just impressed with the pace that we had," he said. "Today we earned a podium on a circuit which for sure isn't our strength. The car is certainly getting there and it's all I can ask for."

I started giggling, because I love fast corners.

The bitter element of the weekend in Styria was, of course, Max's DNF. The Dutchman had a clutch issue at the start and after bogging down when the lights went out he fell into the midfield, a zone where the probability of mishap is always higher.

And so it proved, with Max falling foul of a mistake under braking by Daniil Kvyat. The Russian clattered into 12th-place starter Fernando Alonso and the Spaniard's McLaren which was pitched into the rear of Max's RB13. Game over.

It was a hugely disappointing end to a race in which the Dutchman might have harboured hopes of a decent points haul. But he can take heart from his team-mate's analysis of what might come this weekend at high-speed Silverstone.

"I got asked [in Austria] about Silverstone and I started giggling, because I love fast corners," said the Aussie. "I've been on the sim already and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. [At the Red Bull Ring] we got a taste for it, particularly the second last corner, Turn 9, which was seventh gear. It was seriously quick compared to last year and I think that's a sign of what Silverstone is going to be like. Copse – I would be very surprised if it's not flat in qualifying. Between Copse and Stowe, that section of race circuit is probably the best part of a racing circuit we have all year, so I think this year it's going to be a lot of fun."

Aside from the high-speeds on track at Silverstone, it's also a pretty flat-out weekend for the team as a whole, but the big benefit the British GP always brings is the morale boost of having friends and family in attendance and a great presence from factory-based staff.

For a lot of people based at our Milton Keynes HQ, the British Grand Prix is their one opportunity to get close to the fruit of their immense labours – the RB13.

We're not blowing our own trumpet here, as it's a similar tale at most F1 teams based in 'motorsport valley', but there's a vast crew of exceptionally talented people back at base who pour huge amounts of dedication and passion into the car's development and into every race weekend, but whose only experience of racing it is via TV coverage. Silverstone gives them the chance to go racing alongside the crew and connect on a more visceral level with the beast they've built. For the crew, it means there's a huge boost in support, with colleagues, friends and family in cheering from the grandstands.

The only curious aspect to the whole thing is that for a lot of the race team it still doesn't mean a weekend sleeping in their own beds.

There's a rhythm and a focus to a race weekend that only comes from travelling together as a band and in order to preserve that sense of targeted solidarity the team still provides a hotel for the race team at the British GP, even though a few live a stone's throw from the circuit.

But while the support of colleagues and family is hugely important it's not the final piece of the home race puzzle. That comes in the shape of the atmosphere.

Silverstone is one of the best-attended races of the season and the crowd is one of the most knowledgeable and intensely passionate. The campsites are packed, the grandstands are full and the support for home teams in just massive. The drivers love it, the team feels the same way and come rain or shine, the British Grand Prix is a standout moment in any F1 campaign.

Add to that the improvement we're experiencing with the car, the run of podiums for Daniel and the knowledge that Max is due a big result, and there's every reason to believe that this weekend will be a good one.

And on that we'll leave the last word to Daniel.

"Things are moving forward and I can just see a little bit of a sweet spot and it's nice. I feel like we have got good momentum. The team is getting more positive, I'm getting more positive, so all that kind of forms into one and then you get a taste of a few podiums and you kind of want more."