Taking the taste test

It's known as the 'King of Fruits', is reckoned to be something of a delicacy, and it's banned from most hotels across Asia. So pungently awful is the smell of a ripe, opened Durian fruit that it has been known to induce vomiting and can linger for days. Brilliant – we're in Singapore, Max and Daniel are here, so let's make 'em eat one then. Better still give them one each!

We dragged the boys out to a scenic deck near the circuit and presented them with two thorny, fruity problems. A variety of tools were provided with which the boys could attempt to get at the flesh of their Durian, including hacksaws, hammers and for some unknown reason a plastic mallet and a brace of squeaky rubber chickens – although Max did refer to Daniel's flexible friend as being a bit stiffer than his. No idea why.

Daniel had no problem with his Durian, but Max's proved a tougher nut to crack – except that it's not a nut, it's a fruit, but you could probably crack it as it's got a hard outer husk. Indeed, Max did ask, 'Why is it so spiky?' To which the obvious answer is: to dissuade anyone from opening this truly bizarre foodstuff.

However, undeterred by mother nature's prevention plans or, indeed, logic, Max went full physical assault on his Durian and after dispensing with an ineffective hacksaw attempted the scientifically proven 'if we throw it really hard, it might burst' method.

Success! With both fruits opened and the deck smelling like something diabolical had passed away underneath it several weeks ago, the time had come for the taste test.

Daniel was first to go and after a couple of small retches managed to chow down on what we will say was the tiniest sliver of fruit.

"It burns! It tastes worse than it smells," he moaned as Max laughed like a drain, or like a man surprisingly blind to the fact that he has to follow suit.

The results, which involved a lot of gagging, demands for water and a trip to the balcony railings, were not pretty.

Kudos, though, to our two intrepid heroes. Like the have-a-go daredevils they are, they looked the fearsome Durian in its spiky face and – lost. Yep, they failed big time. Horrible, evil-smelling, fruit 1 – Not very heroic racers 0.