The Official Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Podcast - Bringing you exclusive unrivalled access to the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

On this edition of Talking Bull - the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Podcast we take you behind the scenes with our fantastic live demo team. They show off the car on racing circuits, on city streets, at festivals and exhibitions all over the World, Often performing for crowds measured in hundreds of thousands.

We hear from donut specialist David Coulthard as well as some of the crew behind our running show car team Tony Burrows, Mark Willis and Mark Lenton, plus we have another exclusive track from Flawes.

Ever wondered what it's like to drive a Formula 1 car through the desert? DC reveals some of the biggest challenges our live demo team have overcome and talks about that memorbale run in Jordan.

Plus, the 'snow' run that almost didn't happen. Find out what it took to hit the slopes with Max Verstappen in Kitzbuhel in one of our more daring runs. Here's a hint it involved building snow chains and some sleepless nights!