The Team Explore IBM Spectrum

Red Bull Racing is delighted to announce the extension and expansion of its innovation partnership with IBM. IBM technology underpins much of our IT infrastructure at the factory in Milton Keynes. It greatly facilitated the design of the newly-launched RB13 and we are thankful to have IBM support in the ongoing development of this car and the creation of the Red Bull Racing models that will follow.

The intensity of competition between Formula One teams ensures every year there is an increase in the complexity of the design process. The radical regulation changes for 2017 only intensified this increase, escalating Red Bull Racing's demand for more powerful development tools and swifter interaction between design departments.

IBM's Spectrum Computing products manage much of the high-performance computing resource used by Red Bull Racing. Over several years, IBM and ourselves have worked together to develop the unique software solutions that were instrumental in the design of the RB13 and particularly its aerodynamic package.

The significance of managing computing resources for Formula One aerodynamic research is perhaps lost on the outside world. The FIA, governing body of Formula One, places strict limits on the resources that can be devoted to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). As a result, the team is prevented from expanding its CFD capacity and must instead optimise the performance of the capacity it has. IBM's Spectrum Computing products allow us to extract the maximum from the limited number of teraFLOPS we have at our disposal.

"IBM Spectrum products have been part of our IT infrastructure for some time, and have enabled us to make significant increases in throughput on our CFD simulation and big data handling capabilities," explains Red Bull Racing chief information officer Matt Cadieux. "We're delighted to continue the partnership and will work together with IBM to further improve capabilities and optimise utilisation of our high-performance computing resource."

To mark the renewal of our partnership, 2017 will see IBM's iconic '8-bar' logo feature in garage branding and on the RB13. Meg Murphy, CMO IBM Systems, says "We are very committed and extremely excited to renew our relationship with Red Bull Racing. Driven by data, Formula 1™ motor racing is the premier example of global real-time manufacturing, logistics and decision-making. Red Bull Racing uses IBM Spectrum Computing and IBM Spectrum Scale every day to find the cognitive insights and true advantage in their massive amount of global data. Our joint work helps Red Bull Racing build faster cars and employ real-time decision making, critical to on-track performance and success. It's a true privilege to work with a partner like Red Bull Racing and we look forward to what promises to be a great season."