Top 10 Talking Bull moments

There’s been a lot of highlights throughout the 2019 season for the Team. You would’ve seen the races, the videos, the pictures and the interviews, but you might have missed the amazing Talking Bull podcast that we’ve produced throughout the season.

To break it down, we’ve found our 10 favourite moments from this season that have been recorded for your listening pleasure. We defy you not to laugh at some of the highlights…

10. All the tunes

They’re a musical bunch in the garage, and to make you feel part of the Team Talking Bull’s host Paddy plays out each episode with a fantastic track that the Team have been listening to. These include songs from the likes of Flawes, Albert Hammond Jr. and others, but one track that is a MUST listen is from London producer Mark Knight. He explains how he made a tune called The Sound Of Synergy using the sound of the RB15: listen here

9. Flooring it on snow and sand

Away from the racetrack we have the show run team who are dedicated to bringing the world of Red Bull Racing to those that aren’t always able to get to a race. Tony Burrows and Mark Willis head up the show team and talk about what it takes to run the RB7 at high altitude, in humid conditions and share the difficulties of running an F1 car along a ski slope in Austria and on the beach in Miami: listen here.

8. Putting the fire in the fuel

We all know about the tyres, the engine and most of the other components that go together to create a successful F1 team, but few people ever think about the fuel. Luckily Dario Izzo, the Racing Technical Advisor for Exxonmobil, is at every race to ensure the fuel is at its optimum. Here he explains how in his lab, which he has at every race, he completes his ‘Blood analysis’ on the fuel for the Team: listen here.

7. Gomez could’ve been a racer

F1 attracts legends from around the world, at a few races in 2019, we were able to grab some heroes and talk about their love of Formula One. In Monaco, BMX superstar Viki Gomez explains that he used to race go-karts and until he broke his Playstation2 steering wheel, he used to race on that – the only reason he stopped was because they don’t make the steering wheel anymore (and he’s a bit busy riding): listen here.

6. Boat or bull?

Listen in as Max and Pierre play a very Monaco-based game of ‘Super Yacht or Not!’ the boys have to work out, just by the name, if it’s a super yacht or a made up name, find out if the ‘Naked Sun’, ‘Octopus’, ‘Usain Boat’ or ‘Ship Happens’ are names of luxury boats or completely made up… Listen here.

5. Sporting heroes share their love of Formula One

Six-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez caught up with the Talking Bull podcast in the Energy Station and revealed that he couldn’t compete in Formula One as his “world is on two wheels” and unlike on bikes, you can’t read what the other drivers are doing inside the cockpit. Listen to his full interview here.

And Rugby World Cup winning South African Captain Siya Kolisi was in Japan at the same time as the Formula One and discusses all things F1. He talks about how he takes things away from the Team to use in his role as captain of South Africa. Hear the full insight here.

5. Show Run difficulties 

Red Bull Racing legend David Coulthard is interviewed in Vietnam ahead of his show run to discuss the issues of trying to donut a 4-metre-long car in a 4-metre-wide space in Barcelona and how it’s difficult to stay calm when your inside an RB7 and it’s on fire: listen here.

4. Alex shares his secrets

We’ve seen what Alex can do on the track, but in this exclusive interview, the Thai driver tells us about his meteoric rise to become part of the Team. The 23-year-old went from competing on a race-by-race basis in F2 to one of the most coveted berths in racing: listen here.

3. The Bulls get the best out of each other

If you’re in need of a laugh you need to listen to Max and Alex interview each other. They answer the important questions such as: Are you a better dancer or singer (turns out Max can sing a banging rendition of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe). You’ll also find out which driver has the hip-hop nickname of ‘Lil Nugget’ and who’s ‘Lil Poach’: listen here.

2. Learn the rules of the radio

If you’ve ever overheard on the radio the phrase: “Avoid the sausage curb,” and wondered what it meant, well, we now have the answers! Listen as Max and his Race Engineer, GianPiero Lambiase (known to everyone as GP), fall about laughing trying to explain their secret language. Listen here.

1. Sound from heaven 

During one episode Paddy shares some audio that is every petrol head’s dream – the sound of the RB7 warming up and then going out at full chat – if the hairs on the back of your neck don’t stand up when you hear it, then you might want to check you still have a pulse! Listen here.

That’s our top 10, but listen to the episodes of Talking Bull to find many more. And yes, those of you clever enough to count properly, probably noticed we had two fifth places because 10 just wasn’t enough. Make sure you listen and subscribe on your favourite listening platform so you don’t miss any future episodes…