Off-track adventures 2019

Ok so we love going racing, that’s no secret. But do you know what else we love? Planning adventures for our drivers to go on. Not just any old adventure, though. We like to seek out things that appeal to their daring natures, challenge them to be their best and yeah, sometimes we just relish finding stuff that takes silly to a whole new level.

As ever, the chaps were game for plenty of fun as we travelled around the globe in 2019 and we’ve got stacks of great memories to look back on. Here’s five of our favourites.

Surf’s Up Down Under

“Everywhere the Team goes, they do something crazy,” said Aussie surf legend Mick Fanning. Well, if the cap fits… When the Bulls landed down under for the first race of the season, Pierre swapped the wheels for the waves and had a gnarly surf lesson with Mick at the world famous Torquay Beach. Catch a load of this peak Point Break action all over again.

Mystery Box Singapore

We just can’t help it. The night race brings out the devil in us and this year was no exception. Do you know how much fun it is to watch two of the bravest drivers on the track delve into the murky depths of the mystery box with no idea what they’re in for? It’s really, really fun. Anyway at least we didn’t make them eat a Durian Fruit. I’m a driver, get me out of here?

Dune Buggy Bandits

Talk about sending it in the desert. Warming up for the Abu Dhabi sundowner in style, Max and Alex enjoyed a spot of racing in an altogether different kind of machine: a Honda dune buggy. If it looks like insane amounts of fun, that’s because it was. In fact, we had trouble persuading them to give up their new favourite ride, dust off the sand and get back to work!

Pierre Gasly: Extreme Interview

We all know that drivers prefer to do their talking on track. But what about in the air? What about in really big air? In an interview with a twist – quite a few twists, actually – we sent Pierre for a spin with Red Bull Air Race 2018 World Champion pilot Martin Sonka to see how he fared when the Q&A format was turned on its head. P.S If you’ve got a delicate stomach, you might want to watch this one through your fingers.

Bulls on Ice 

You can’t beat a Red Bull on ice. Two Bulls? Even better. Throw in some studded tyres, a bunch of power slides, some donuts and some Scandinavian flicks and you’ve got one heck of a cocktail for a quality ice-karting adventure, aka That Time Max and Pierre Went Drifting On Ice. Max loved it so much that he keeps asking us to do it again. Let it go, Max, let it go.

We’re already cooking up all sorts of new adventures to send the drivers on next year and we can’t wait to get cracking with them. But in the meantime, enjoy our little trip down memory lane!