Off-track and loving it!

“There’s more to life than F1,” said nobody ever. That said, the stuff we get up to off-track is just as much fun as being on it. Each season we spend time huddled in a room with a box of biscuits and a fridge full of Red Bull, plotting new shenanigans and ways to make it all happen.

2019 saw us get up to all sorts including some truly memorable show runs and events which brought F1 to you and saw our drivers get up to some fun challenges. Here’s a final recap of some of our favourite off-track adventures this season.

Ground control to Major Jon

A pit-stop in 20 seconds? Easy. A pit-stop in 20 seconds in zero gravity? Bring it on! Earlier this year we challenged our record-smashing, award-winning pit stop team to prove their skills on board an IIlyushin II-76 MDK cosmonaut training plane at 33,000 feet and to be honest, we genuinely didn’t know if we’d be able to pull it off. The result? Pure poetry in motion. We could watch it over and over again. 

BMX Bandit 

When it comes to Monaco, it’s a family affair. We love getting the chance to hang out with our wider Red Bull family so when BMX Flatlander Viki Gómez said he’d drop in, we were thrilled. The fact that he literally dropped in from the castle to the Energy Station, making us all dizzy while he landed more BMX tricks than we’ve had hot dinners, was quite the treat for an adrenaline-loving team on a busy Monaco day. 

From Silverstone with Love

“The 1007th race is the British Grand Prix and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are on the grid!” Well come on, as a bunch of Bond fans, what else were we going to do? Granted a licence to thrill, our Thunderbulls suited up in style, including the RB15s, which featured the Aston Martin DB5 plate from Goldfinger and the V8 plate from The Living Daylights alongside a special edition 007 livery. In addition, the lads had a Silverstone hot lap in the stunning DB5. Well, you only live twice, after all.

Box, box, box!

Love Red Bull Soapbox? Ever thought you could design one yourself? When our friends at Red Bull Japan asked Max and Alex to design their own box carts, the pair spied a chance to show they had skills to rival Adrian Newey. Then, the good folks of Tokyo only went and built their designs. If you’ve ever wanted to see a giant race helmet belting around a course – and trust us, you do – here’s how it went down.

If you’re fond of sand dunes… 

One of the great things about racing drivers is their willingness to race just about anything, anywhere. We’ve sent them up icy mountains, across beaches, over salt flats… if it’s got wheels on it and there’s a surface to be found, they’ll take a crack at it. Ahead of Abu Dhabi, we thought it would be fun to strand the Bulls in the desert with just a Honda dune buggy to get them out of there. If you’ve never rolled about laughing while your drivers throw themselves around in a buggy, now’s your chance.

Ice Age: Dutch Drift 

When Max invited Pierre over to his homeland for a lads trip, we were surprised when it involved racing. However, once we heard what he had in mind we ordered the popcorn, size large. Kicking things off with a blast in Max’s Aston Martin Vantage, the pair headed to a speed skating track at Flevonice, where Max’s old junior karting team were waiting with a couple of karts and some studded tyres, ready for an afternoon of power slides, Scandinavian flicks and ice cold donuts. It certainly looked fun from where we were sitting.

We’ll have plenty more thrills, spills and alternative wheels for you next season. See you then!