A new year and a new season means lots of new opportunities for us to come up with fun stuff to challenge Daniel and Max when they’re not whizzing around an F1 circuit.

One of the great things about having so many races around the world is that opportunities for random, tough or downright silly challenges are absolutely ripe for the picking and luckily, our drivers are always up for a crack at them.

As ever, we've been busy making plans and lining up some escapades for the season ahead, but while we're setting those wheels in motion, let's have a look back at some of our favourite shenanigans from last year.

1) Dinghy Dash, Australia

"I was born to do things like this. But he burns out quickly, he's got the body of a wax candle!" Fighting talk from Daniel at a fast and furious Dinghy Dash in Melbourne with pro racers, Scott Jenke and Jeremy Newman, ahead of the Australian GP. They certainly made a splash!

2) Caravan Race, Austria

We always have fun in Austria at our home from home, and last year's japes included a spot of football and ice hockey with our Red Bull family. However, last year, some bright spark said, "Let's send Daniel and Max around the Red Bull Ring in a pair of Aston Martins, pulling a couple of caravans!" What could possibly go wrong?!

3) Durian Fruit Challenge, Singapore

If there's one thing our drivers like to do, it's eat. Forget the thrill of the race, it's the lure of new eats that get them to each destination all season. In Singapore, we couldn't resist offering them the chance to show off their bravery by eating the legendary Durian fruit – that is if they could get into it! (Rubber chickens optional.)

4) Kendo Challenge, Japan

A discipline far older than F1 and an opportunity to learn some truly graceful moves. See what happened when we took Daniel and Max to the Konnou Dojo in Shibuya to train in the traditional Japanese martial art of Kendo, before the fight continued in Suzuka.

5) Track Guide, Abu Dhabi

You know how it is at the end of the season, everyone's exhausted. Thus, a slightly more sedate challenge was in order in Abu Dhabi. We're not monsters, after all. We sent Daniel and Max for a leisurely ride around the Yas Marina Circuit ahead of the race to deliver a track guide. They just about made it!

We can't wait to see what they get up to this season!