What’s in the box!?

Maybe it’s the brain-boiling heat, maybe it’s the long dark nights, but when it comes to having a bit of fun with our drivers in Sinagpore there’s something about the night race that brings out what you might call a deep streak of evil in us.

In the past we’ve made them tuck into foul-smelling durian fruit (and delighted over the dry heaving that resulted), we’ve watched with barely concealed glee as Max manfully tackled a whole plate of crustaceans (which he’s a little bit afraid of) and we’re pretty sure there was a rubber chicken involved somewhere but that seems to have been excised from our collective memory. 

Whatever the reason, it seems that we are determined to make a tough race weekend just that little bit harder for our drivers – and this year is no exception, as today we took Max and Alex off for a little game we called ‘Mystery Box’.

The idea was simple. Build a box with a single aperture into which you could stick one hand, stuff the box full of weird stuff and then have the drivers guess what horrors they were being confronted with. For fans of Flash Gordon, it was like that scene with the wood beast in Arboria, except without a deadly poisonous creature at the heart of the mystery box. We did think about it but Heath and Safety wouldn’t let us…

Each driver had four objects to identify. As each item was placed in the box the ‘feeler’ was made to look away and then after he stuck his hand into the box the other driver would try to help the ‘feeler’ with supposedly useful clues, which in the end became taunts and wind-ups. 

As the Team’s new boy it was definitely Alex that had the worst of the items on offer, with the Thai driver being forced to rummage around among an assortment of chicken feet, black fungus (used a lot in South-East Asian cooking) and a kopi sock (used to brew traditional Singaporean coffee) and toy gecko. The best though was the toy gecko that Max managed to convince Alex was real.

Max’s items were almost as tricky to identify and included salak (an Asian fruit with a snakelike skin), tapioca pearls (which are used in bubble tea), rambutan (a spiky Asian fruit) and a dragon puppet. 

Despite the difficulty of Alex’s items – and Max’s humorous attempts to freak his teammate out – the Thai driver emerged as the eventual winner of the challenge. Afterwards Max might have muttered darkly about beginner’s luck and tasked us to devise an even more fiendishly odd activity for next year’s race here. Of course he did forget that he will also have to take part in that, but all we can say is: mwahahah, challenge accepted!