The race bays are being spring cleaned, the engineers are looking more furtive by the day and our challengers are being prepared for a brand new season. Yep, F1 is nearly back!

While the Team is busy getting fitted out for new kit and preparing to see the back of our loved ones until December, we wondered - what about you? Got any plans for a cheeky race weekend away? Perhaps you’re even planning your very first F1 trip?

If you’ve never been to an F1 race before or you’re thinking about going this year, here’s a few reasons why we think 2019 is a cracking year to go racing...

All change!

The grid has had a massive shake up for 2019, which means that it’ll be a fascinating start to the season as everyone gets to grips with new challenges. We’ll be back on the grid with our Dutchie, Max Verstappen, partnered by Pierre Gasly following his promotion from our sister team Toro Rosso. They’ve got a new line up too, welcoming Dany Kvyat back to the garage, joined by Alex Albon following his promotion from F2. Only two teams have retained the same driver line up as last season, which means that thrilling new battles are almost certainly guaranteed.

Those battles we mentioned…

Where do we start? All eyes will be on Vettel and his new teammate Leclerc, who will doubtless deliver a season-long battle. Eight years after his last F1 race, Robert Kubica is returning to race against a few familiar faces, while on the other foot, several new challengers are joining the grid. Meanwhile, it’ll be a thrilling season for the Team as Max and Pierre kick off the year. We can’t wait to see them on track, racing hard! As well as the fight at the front, the midfield looks set to be a cracker if last year was anything to go by, and with fresh faces behind the wheels, anything could happen.

Races aplenty

Those who don’t favour F1 might think the season goes on forever. Those who love F1 might think it doesn’t go on for long enough. In 2019, F1 will deliver a whopping ten months of racing, from the Australian GP in March to Abu Dhabi in December. Even better, nifty spacing means lots of chances to turn the race weekend into a holiday. Budapest, Spa and Austin offer excellent scope for a break, as does our home race at the Red Bull Ring, where the stunning scenery, warm hospitality and (we can never get enough of them) Lederhosen give everything a unique feel. For a mega milestone, you could also head to the Chinese GP to help celebrate the 1000th Formula 1 world championship race!

Revving up on track

2019’s F1 changes are both subtle and obvious, meaning you’ll see a difference visually and – where it matters most – in performance. On the car, that means changes to the front and rear wing to increase the chances of overtaking, smaller barge boards to limit aerodynamic disruption and new endplate lights, plus an increased fuel allowance. The drivers will wear stronger helmets and – we’re really geeking out over these - biometric gloves to monitor pulse rate and oxygen levels. Oh, and Pirelli have cut the tyre colours down to three to make things easier on the eye and heaps simpler for anyone watching for the first time.

What it all adds up to is a fresh grid, a fresh challenge and ten months of fresh racing, making 2019 the perfect year to jump onboard the F1 train. We’ll see you there!