Earlier this year we invited all of you to join us, and thousands of other keen athletes, worldwide to run the world in simultaneous starts from 34 locations across the globe in aid of spinal injury research charity Wings for Life.



The turnout for the May 3rd run was superb and more than €3 million was raised to help find a cure for traumatic spinal injuries, which affect more than 250,000 people each year.

So, to try to raise even more funding, we'll be running again in 2015 in the second World Run, set to place on the same May 3rd date.




Once again it will be a race against time, with participants setting off at the same time all over the world and getting a 30-minute head start on a 'chase car' which will gradually catch and eliminate runners.

For 2015 exciting new locations have been added to the list of starting points. As well as last year's 34 national and winners getting to choose their starting location – with global men's winner Lemawork Ketema from Ethiopia and men's runner up Remigio Quispe from Peru both choosing Austria – five new tracks join the roster. Japan, Russia, Dubai, Denmark will make their debut while a second track has been added in Germany. Australia's race is moving from Busselton, Western Australia across the country to Melbourne. Brazil's course will be in Brasilia, France's near Rouen, and Spain's will move from Barcelona and relocate to the charming town of Aranjuez near Madrid.




Of course, our own crew will once again be turning out for the Silverstone run and we hope that as many of you as possible will join us for some fun and some fundraising.

Registration is now open for everyone, so head to and sign up now. To find out more, check out the video below. 

Keep up to date with the Wings For Life World Run on twitter at @WFLWorldRun, or on Facebook here