Spilling the beans in 60 seconds...

60 seconds. It doesn't sound like long, does it? But did you know that one minute is long enough for all kinds of cool things?

A blood cell makes a circuit of the human body in 60 seconds, during which time it's likely that you'll blink up to twenty times. Around 29 million WhatsApp messages are sent every 60 seconds and over 65,000 photos are posted on Instagram - that's a lot of selfies! Space geeks might like to know that it takes around 60 seconds for the International Space Station to move 259 miles in its orbit around the Earth, while in the same amount of time our solar system will move about 9,000 miles around the Milky Way. (And we don't mean the little chocolate one.) Cosmic, huh?

It turns out that a lot can happen in 60 seconds, as we've been finding out in a new video series in which we delve behind the scenes for a closer look into our every day world. In case you missed them, here's a quick recap.

The Energy Station

Peek inside our home from home, the Red Bull Energy Station, and discover the crucial stats required to keep it running smoothly from race to race. Did you know that over a race week, 4,500 meals will be prepared? Yep, we love what we do and we definitely love our food!

No.1 Mechanic: Lee Stevenson

Ever wondered what a typical day in the Team's garage is like? No.1 mechanic, Lee Stevenson, talks us through the nuts and bolts of working on Max's side of the garage and all the thrills, spills and chills of a race weekend.

Monaco Diver

One of the coolest things about having the Energy Station in Monaco is that we get to bring along our very own diver! Scuba Diver Bruno Navarro joins us for 60 seconds to talk about making a splash at the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Enjoyed these? Sit tight as we've got plenty more in store over the coming weeks. We'll be chatting to Team Manager, Jonathan Wheatley, about what his hectic day entails, as well as getting hands on with John Hammond, Team Physiotherapist. Wonder if he'll give us a massage if we ask nicely?