F1 returns to Mexico City

27th Jun

The Zócalo, Mexico City

04:30 Local

So when's that happening?
On the 27th of June in downtown Mexico City.

The phrase 'downtown Mexico City' could describe an area the size of Luxembourg, what exactly does 'downtown' mean?
When we say downtown we mean right in the heart of the city. For this very special show car run we're taking over the historic Zócalo.

The what-a-lo?
The Zócalo. Officially it's known as the Plaza de la Constitución (get the map here), but everyone just calls it the Zócalo (plinth), owing to the base of a column that was built to commemorate independence but the tower was not completed. The Zócalo was also at the heart of the great Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, with the ancient complex's Templo Mayor, the seat of Aztec power, just one block away. It's about as historic as it gets.

Some 150,000 F1-mad fans packed every available inch of the city's central Zocalo square – and even the surrounding balconies – to cheer on Daniel and Carlos as they blasted around a specially constructed course hugging the perimeter of the vast plaza in twin Red Bull Racing RB7's.

The sheer size of the course allowed both drivers to push the double title-winning cars to their limit and the duo wowed the massive crowd with some seriously high-speed individual runs before bringing the show to a howling climax with a joint run and the full complement of tyre-melting burn-outs and donuts.

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