20th Aug

Circuit of the Americas, Austin

20:30 Local


David Coulthard took the Red Bull Running Showcar off-road on a ranch in Texas at the weekend. Chased by cowboys...

The Scot's adventures at Circuit of the Americas and its host city Austin spanned three days and saw DC lead a getaway across a Texan wild game ranch (owned by billionaire Red McCombs) spin donuts in front of the Texas State Capitol Building and become the first driver to test out the track, which is still under construction and without tarmac. The temperature during all of this activity? Around 110 degrees.

Formula One was introduced to the home of the 2012 US GP through a whole series of activities, under a collaboration between Red Bull North America, the Mountain South Business Unit and red Bull racing.

And, while DC's high-speed antics were filmed in private, news that Red Bull Racing were in town spread fast across the city and crowds soon gathered on Congress Avenue to watch the car do multiple runs in front of the State Capitol Building. Another private event held on Saturday night featured the Showcar on display. DC was again present so it comes as no surprise that a mixed crowd of existing and new fans found their way there too.