A Viennese Waltz with Daniel

22nd Apr

Vienna Rathaus, Vienna

12:15 Local

Vienna Rathaus, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

Yesterday it was Daniel Ricciardo in the hot seat, putting the RB8 through its paces in an arena constructed in front of the historic Vienna Rathaus. A crowd of 60,000 turned up to cheer on Daniel, as he roared around the purpose-built arena during his three runs, laying down rubber and displaying his mastery in the noble art of donut.

"The thing about driving in the city is that obviously the roads are a lot dirtier than a racetrack, there's lots more dust and it's very slippery – but that just makes it better for events like this," said Daniel, "because we can really spin the tyres and create a bit more of a show for the fans."

Daniel's efforts were supported by enduro and trials rider (and Live Demo regular) Chris Pfeiffer, putting on a terrific display of two-wheel stunts. Also on the bill was Pierre Gasly, fresh from his GP2 debut in Bahrain, making a slightly unfamiliar NASCAR dance and skip, wheels squealing and smoke pouring from the arches as he spun it first anticlockwise and then – just for the novelty value – clockwise.

Having a Viennese Ball