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Silverstone Circuit

One of just two races to feature on every F1 calendar. Our local grand prix with the factory just down the road! The atmosphere is great, the racing often spectacular and the circuit always puts on some great off-track entertainment.

First F1 Grand Prix:
Circuit Length:
Race Distance:
Lap Record:

Laps: 52


Silverstone Circuit

Friday 12th July

Practice 1

Weather: 18

Practice 2

Weather: 21

Saturday 13th July

Practice 3

Weather: 17


Weather: 19

Sunday 14th July


Weather: 18

Racing Record

Silverstone Circuit

Lap Record

1:30.621 LEWIS HAMILTON (2017)

Last Season’s Result

1.Daniel RicciardoRed Bull Racing
2.Kimi RäikkönenFerrari
3.Lewis HamiltonMercedes
4.Sebastian VettelFerrari
5.Valtteri BottasMercedes

Our Best Results

1st Place
Mark Webber (2010)
1st Place
Mark Webber (2012)
1st Place
Sebastian Vettel (2009)
2nd Place
Mark Webber (2013)
2nd Place
Max Verstappen (2016)

Overall Results


Drivers Standings

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas223
2Valtteri BottasMercedes AMG Petronas184
3Max VerstappenAston Martin Red Bull Racing136
4Sebastian VettelFerrari123
5Charles LeclercFerrari120
6Pierre GaslyAston Martin Red Bull Racing55
7Carlos SainzMcLaren38
8Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo Racing25
9Lando NorrisMcLaren22
10Daniel RicciardoRenault F1 Team22
11Nico HülkenbergRenault F1 Team17
12Kevin MagnussenRich Energy Haas F1 Team14
13Sergio PérezSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team13
14Daniil KvyatRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda12
15Alexander AlbonRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda7
16Lance StrollSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team6
17Romain GrosjeanRich Energy Haas F1 Team2
18Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo Racing1
19Robert KubicaROKiT Williams Racing0
20George RussellROKiT Williams Racing0

Constructor Standings

1Mercedes AMG PetronasGermany189407
3Aston Martin Red Bull RacingAustria31191
4McLarenGreat Britain0060
5Renault F1 Team0039
6Alfa Romeo Racing0026
7SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team0019
8Red Bull Toro Rosso HondaItaly0019
9Rich Energy Haas F1 Team0016
10ROKiT Williams Racing000

United Kingdom Grand Prix

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas1:21:08
2Valtteri BottasMercedes AMG Petronas+00:24
3Charles LeclercFerrari+00:30
4Pierre GaslyAston Martin Red Bull Racing+00:34
5Max VerstappenAston Martin Red Bull Racing+00:39
6Carlos SainzMcLaren+00:53
7Daniel RicciardoRenault F1 Team+00:54
8Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo Racing+01:05
9Daniil KvyatRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda+01:06
10Nico HülkenbergRenault F1 Team0:01:12
11Lando NorrisMcLaren+01:14
12Alexander AlbonRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda+01:15
13Lance StrollSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team+01:21
14George RussellROKiT Williams Racing+1 Lap(s)
15Robert KubicaROKiT Williams Racing+1 Lap(s)
16Sebastian VettelFerrari+1 Lap(s)
17Sergio PérezSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
18Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo Racing DNF
19Romain GrosjeanRich Energy Haas F1 Team0:00:43
20Kevin MagnussenRich Energy Haas F1 Team DNF

Live Updates

Pumped & ExcitedMood IconMood IconMood In The Garage

We'll be back in two weeks' time, at Hockenheim, for the German Grand Prix. Join us then!

And today we're handing it to the pit crew for that simply brilliant pit stop for Max that got him out ahead of Leclerc. Amazing performance.

And before we head off to catch a breath we just have time to hand out our Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure award.

Pierre equals his best result in F1 with fourth place. Max salvages some good points after that crazy collision with Vettel.

Not the result the Team was looking for, but in terms of entertainment it was phenomenal.

Well, that was an incredible race.

Two Toro Rossos in the points as well. Nicely done by Dany Kvyat and Alex Albon.

1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 LEC. 4 GAS. 5 VER. 6 SAI. 7 RIC. 8 RAI. 9 KVY. 10 ALB.

Max Verstappen comes home in fifth place. A result he won't be too pleased with after being in the hunt for another podium finish.

And Pierre Gasly takes his best finish of the season with fourth place!

Valterri Bottas is second, Charles Leclerc is third.

That's a record sixth for the Briton. And he takes fastest lap on the final lap.

And Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix.


Pierre is 3s behind LEC and Max is 5s behind Pierre.

The order is solidifying. HAM now 21s ahead of BOT and LEC is 6s behind BOT.

BOT sets the fastest lap of the race: 1:27.406.

5 laps to go.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +23s. 3 LEC. 4 GAS. 5 VER +5s to Pierre. 6 SAI. 7 RIC. 8 RAI. 9 KVY. 10 ALB.

BOT pits on lap 46. Soft tyres on.

VET has been handed a 10-second time penalty.

GP is telling Max that the car is OK - well, 'relatively'.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 LEC. 4 GAS. 5 VER. 6. SAI. 6 RIC. 8 ALB. 9 RAI. 10 HUL.

The incident is under investigation.


VET pits for a new nose. He's down in P17.

Max has managed to keep going! He's down to P5 behind Pierre.

Max passed VET into Stowe but then into the next corner VET tried to set up an attack but was too close under braking and he slammed into the back of Max.

Oh No!!! VET has collided with Max!!


Max now attacking Vettel.

And he passes Pierre into Village. Pierre attacks back into Brooklands but LEC fends off the attack. Pierre gathers from another attack.

Pierre being pressured by LEC.

Max now half a second behind VET.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +2.005. 3 VET. 4 VER +0.8 TO VET. 5 GAS. 6 LEC. 7 SAI. 8 NOR. 9 RIC. 10 ALB.


1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 VET. 4 VER. 5 GAS. 6 LEC. 7 SAI. 8 NOR. 9 RIC. 10 ALB.

Max is now up to fourth past Pierre.

Has there been a better race this season? It's hard to imagine. It's epic.

They're banging wheels across the end of the lap! Max fends off LEC.

LEC moves ahead of LEC but Max fights back at claims P6 again. Titanic stuff!

We're racing again! Max locks up on the re-start but keeps P5 ahead of LEC.


SC will come in at the end of this lap.

Ferrari have now pitted LEC and he comes out behind Max!


The order under thew SC – 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 VET. 4 LEC. 5 GAS. 6 VER. 7 SAI. 8 NOR. 9 ALB. 10 HUL.

LEC has stayed out on track though. He's still on mediums.

Max pits as well. Hard tyres on. That's him fitted for tyres for the rest of the race.

VET in too and onto hards.

HAM pits under the SC. Hard tyres on for the Briton.


GIO has gone off.

Max attacks towards Stowe and look like he's past but LEC moves right across - that's pretty extreme!! Max has to back out.

Max attacks again into Brooklands but LEC resists once more. Incredible stuff, they's side by side.

Max is attacking LEC again! This is an epic battle. Max is clearly quicker but LEC is defending well.

BOT pits at the end of lap 16. Mediums on for him.

But Max goes wide as they tussle on track and LEC takes the place back!

They're side by side in pit lane but Max gets ahead!

Amazing!!! The pit crew have excelled themselves and they get Max out ahead of LEC!

LEC and Max pit at the end of lap 13!

2.4s stationary. Hard tyres on. He's back out in P10. Great stop.

But Pierre is pitting at the end of lap 12!

Down the inside into Turn 3 and held the line beautifully to frustrate a fight back from VET. Pierre into P5.


Brilliant! Pierre has got past Sebastian Vettel. Fantastic move.

From attack to defence in a heartbeat but Max masters both. Awesome.

Max attacks but can't make it stick and that allows VET to attack Max!

Max all over LEC's Ferrari now.


Max closing on LEC. Half a second off the Ferrari.


1 BOT. 2 HAM. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 VET. 6 GAS. 7 NOR. 8 RIC. 9 HUL. 10 ALB.

HAM has passed BOT. But BOT fights back and passes HAM again through Copse.

Both Haas cars are at the back of the field now. There was contact between the two on lap one and they both sustained punctures. Hard tyres now for both.

BOT makes a mistake at the end of the first lap - HAM is ready to pounce.

NOR has passed RIC to take P7.

BOT holds the lead ahead of HAM, LEC and Max holds P4. VET has passed Pierre though.

And we're away!!

Here we go...

Cars on the grid.

The formation lap is underway.

GRO, MAG and KVY are starting on softs.

And remember, Max and Pierre starting on the medium tyres. Mercedes are doing the same but both Ferrari drivers are starting on softs.

In terms of strategy, well it's looking like it might be a two-stop as one appears a bit marginal.

But apart from that we're good to go.

There's been a bit of late tinkering on the RB15s on the grid as both drivers have had permitted rear wing changes due to an issue with endplates.

So, Max and Pierre starting from P4 and P5 respectively.

16-20: 16 MAG. 17 KVY. 18 STR. 19 RUS. 20 KUB.

From 11-15: 11 GIO. 12 RAI. 13 SAI. 14 GRO. 15 PER.

That means from 1-10 we have: 1 BOT. 2 HAM. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 GAS. 6 VET. 7 RIC. 8 NOR. 9 ALB. 10 HUL.

And in a rare occurrence, we're unchanged from qualifying order yesterday, so everyone starts as they finished on Saturday afternoon.

It's mayhem on the grid at the moment and we're just about 9 mins out from the formation lap so let's quickly look at the grid.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to an absolutely packed Silverstone, where we're live for the British Grand Prix!

To find out, join us here on the Race Station tomorrow afternoon for live coverage of the British Grand Prix.

We're already looking forward to seeing how that strategic tussle plays out.

So a fascinating race in prospect with Max in P4 and Pierre in P5 starting on mediums and the Ferraris in P3 and P6 on softs.

RIC qualifies in P7 ahead of NOR, ALB and HUL.

Pierre takes P5 and will line up ahead of VET.

LEC is P3 and Max will start from the rear of row two in P4.

So Valtteri Bottas edged Lewis Hamilton to claim his 10th career pole position.

Pierre will start from P5 – 1:25.590.

LEC takes third place and Max will start from P4 after posting a time of 1:25.276.

HAM improves on his final lap but he ends up 0.007 behind his team-mate!

And it's BOT who takes pole! No improvement for the Finn but he didn't need one - just.

2 mins to go.

NOR and ALB take P8 and P10 respectively. The final runs of the others now beginning.

It's going to be just one run for NOR and ALB.

1 BOT 1:25.093. 2 HAM 1:25.345. 3 VER 1:25.483. 4 LEC 1:25.616. 5 GAS 1:25.783. 6 VET. 7 RIC. 8 HUL. 9 NOR. 10 ALB.

Pierre grabs P5 with a time of 1:25.783.

Max takes P3 behind BOT and HAM with his first run. The Dutchman's time is 1:25.483.

Q3 is up and running...

Interestingly LEC improved on softs in that final run, so he'll start on that tyre as will VET. Ferrari made the same strategic call in Austria.

Through to Q3 are: 1 LEC 1:25.546. 2 BOT. 3 HAM. 4 VER 1:25.848. 5 VET 1:26.023. 6 GAS 1:26.038. 7 RIC. 8 NOR. 9 HUL. 10 ALB.

Out go: 11 GIO. 12 RAI. 13 SAI. 14 GRO. 15 PER.

Surprise faller at this stage in SAI. He's ruled out in P13 after running well all day.

Both Max and Pierre shied away from a better time on those run, so they progress in P4 and P6 respectively. They both start on mediums.

He jumps to P5 at the end splitting Max and Pierre with a lap of 1:26.023.

VET is in P11 currently...

HAM has backed out of his lap.

The top five have all gone out again... just in case.

2 mins to go and our drop zone candidates are : ALB, PER, GIO, RAI, GRO.

Max improves on a second go: 1:25.848. He steals P4 from Pierre.

After the first runs the top five – LEC, BOT, HAM, GAS, VER – all on mediums.

Not great from VET on those softs - 1:26.529. That gives him P8.

VET is out on softs. Interesting split between the Ferrari drivers.

Pierre takes P4 with a time of 1:26.038 and Max P5 with a time of 1:26.088. Both also on mediums.

LEC on a medium 1:25.646.

HAM sets the tone – 1:25.840. P1.

The Mercedes drivers are out on mediums.

Q2 underway...

Comfortable in the end for the Bulls with Max in P3 and Pierre in P8.

Eliminated are MAG, KVY, STR, RUS and KUB.

The rest of the Q2 berths are taken by GRO, RIC, GIO, ALB, RAI, HUL and PER.

Then it's BOT, VET, NOR, SAI and Pierre.

HAM tops Q1 ahead of LEC and Max.

But he's safe in P8 so has abandoned the lap and he's in pit lane.

Pierre on his flyer now.

Chequered flag!

Max now in the garage.

2 mins left.

Pierre is heading out for another attempt.

3 mins remaining and in the drop zone are: 16 GIO. 17 STR. 18 PER. 19 RUS. 20 KUB.

Max has retaken P3 – 1:25.700.

Likewise, LEC fails to make a step.

No improvement from Pierre on his most recent lap.

Ferrari have medium tyres at the moment.

HAM takes P1 - 1:25.513, BOT slots into P3 - 1:25.750.

It's LEC, NOR, VER, VET, SAI, GAS. Mercedes yet to set times.

Max has taken P3 - 1:26.095.

LEC now heads the order – 1:25.628.

Pierre takes P2 with his opening time of 1:26.273.

NOR posts a 1:26.079 to take P1.

SAI currently tops the table with a lap of 1:26.689. That's exactly the time set by his team-mate NOR in FP3. It was good enough for P7 in that session.

Pierre out on track now... and he's joined by Max. Softs on.

Plenty of early adopters this afternoon – NOR, HUL, ALB, GIO, SAI, KVY, GRO, MAG, RAI all head out on track.

And we're up and running here at Silverstone! Q1 is underway...

So, plenty of drama to come no doubt. Just two minutes to go now until Q1...

The top four drivers were covered by just over a tenth of a second, which on this long high-speed track is remarkable.

But at the end of the session Pierre put in a great lap to claim P4 ahead of Max.

In final practice Charles Leclerc was quickest ahead of team-mate Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton third.

The battle for pole today promises to be a good one, with fine margins separating the top drivers.

It's dry at the moment - with a track temp of 29˚C and a relatively cool air temp of 18˚C. We have a 20% risk of rain for Quali.

Let's straight away give you a weather update....

Welcome back to Silverstone, were we're almost ready for qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

So, Ferrari to the fore in FP3, but only just. It's pretty tight up there at the sharp end, so join us in a couple of hours for Quali to see how it plays out.

1 LEC 1:25.905. 2 VET +0.026. 3 HAM +0.049. 4 GAS +0.213. 5 VER +0.535. 6 BOT. 7 NOR. 8. HUL. 9 RIC. 10. ALB.

Pierre just 0.213 off LEC.

Pierre takes P4 (1:26.118), Max P5 (1:26.440).

And LEC tops FP3 with a lap of 1:256.905.

Chequered flag then.

Ooh Pierre steals P4 from Max at the death – 1:26.118 for the Frenchman. Good lap.

Max in P4 is about 0.350 off P3 man HAM.

Pierre is currently 0.3 clear of HUL who is in P7.

Pierre improves to 1:26.;5954. He's P6 currently.

Max takes P4 with an improved time of 1:26.440.

Wait, that's ruined by VET who dives into the pit lane.

Every car on track now.

VET jumps to P2. He's just 0.026 off LEC.

LEC was complaining of traffic on his warm up and BOT will sympathise as he's almost squeezed into the wall at the final corner by KVY.

But then LEC jumps ahead of everyone - 1:25.905.

VET has snuck past LEC with a time of 1:26.700. P5 for him now behind Max and Pierre.

And Max also returns to home base.

Pierre is back in the garage.

Small improvement for Max on his last lap.

13 mins to go: 1 HAM 1:226.338. 2 BOT 1:26.458. 3 VER 1:26.529. 4 GAS 1:26.689. 5 LEC 1:26.925.

Pierre slots in just behind Max. 1:26.689. Three hundredths of a second between the Bulls.

Max vaults to P3 - 1:26.654 - half a second off HAM.

Pierre displaces Max. He steals P5 - 1:27.049.

Max jumps into P5 with his first lap – 1:27.269.

At the moment we have: 1 HAM 1:27.746 . 2 LEC +0.179. 3 VET. 4 BOT. 5 NOR. 6. RIC. 7 GAS. 8 KVY. 9 RAI. 10 GIO.

P5 for Pierre - 1:27.852.

Max now heads out on track as well, the last man to do so.

Softs on for Pierre.

Pierre on track now.

And then LEC bypasses that benchmark - 1:27.446 for the Ferrari driver.

BOT beats that time though, by a large margin - 1:27.524.

HAM crosses the line 1:28.988 to take P1.

Plenty of movement now. Half the field up and running.

31 mins in and HAM emerges on soft tyres.

All quiet again as everyone waits for the track to come towards slicks.

HAM reckons '"we probably need to get out on slicks".

VET has also been out and about on inters and is now back in the pits.

Both Williams drivers on track again.

Both Mercedes on track. Inters on.

Ricciardo back in as well. And the pit lane goes quiet.

LEC back to the pit lane after that look around.

Looks like LEC is on inters. RIC on mediums we think.

Well, we have some light drizzle happening now, but it's not preventing drivers heading out. RIC and LEC on track.

A Williams driver shuffles a KUB head in, and RUS goes out now. But the Briton also turns just one lap on mediums and head in too.

And that becomes just KUB as RUS heads for the pits.

Just the Williams cars of George Russell and Robert Kubica on the track at the moment.

Seeking out the finest IT minds in F1 we managed to sort out the issue via the complex procedure of "have you rebooted it" and now we're ready to go

Good morning everybody and welcome to Silverstone, where after a small technical hitch, know as wifi outages, we're live for FP3!