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Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit

The season closer is ultra-modern in every way. The circuit starts with a couple of high-speed corners before giving way to a second sector featuring two long straights. The third is tight and twisty which demands good traction and braking stability.

First F1 Grand Prix:
Circuit Length:
Race Distance:
Lap Record:

Laps: 55


Yas Marina Circuit

Friday 29th November

Practice 1

Weather: 20

Practice 2

Weather: 21

Saturday 30th November

Practice 3

Weather: 19


Weather: 22

Sunday 1st December


Weather: 23

Racing Record

Yas Marina Circuit

Lap Record

1:40.279 - Sebastian Vettel (2009)

Last Season’s Result

1.Daniel RicciardoRed Bull Racing
2.Lewis HamiltonMercedes
3.Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing
4.Sebastian VettelFerrari
5.Valtteri BottasMercedes

Our Best Results

Overall Results


Drivers Standings

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas413
2Valtteri BottasMercedes AMG Petronas326
3Max VerstappenAston Martin Red Bull Racing278
4Charles LeclercFerrari264
5Sebastian VettelFerrari240
6Carlos SainzMcLaren96
7Pierre GaslyRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda95
8Alexander AlbonAston Martin Red Bull Racing92
9Daniel RicciardoRenault F1 Team54
10Sergio PérezSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team52
11Lando NorrisMcLaren49
12Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo Racing43
13Daniil KvyatRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda37
14Nico HülkenbergRenault F1 Team37
15Lance StrollSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team21
16Kevin MagnussenHaas F120
17Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo Racing14
18Romain GrosjeanHaas F18
19Robert KubicaROKiT Williams Racing1
20George RussellROKiT Williams Racing0

Constructor Standings

1Mercedes AMG PetronasGermany3215739
3Aston Martin Red Bull RacingAustria93417
4McLarenGreat Britain10145
5Renault F1 Team0091
6Red Bull Toro Rosso HondaItaly2085
7SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team0073
8Alfa Romeo Racing0057
9Haas F1United States0028
10ROKiT Williams Racing001

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Live Updates

Pumped & ExcitedMood IconMood IconMood In The Garage

But we'll be back in a little over 15 weeks with live coverage of FP3 from Albert Park in Melbourne for the first race weekend of 2020. Join us then!

We'd say we can't wait but after 21 races, a little home time sounds pretty darn good to everyone here.

It was a long, tough season but the performance gains over the season have been superb. Top job from everyone and it makes 2020 an exciting prospect.

And to our PU partners Honda.

Final Tag Heuer Don't Crack Under Pressure award of the season? How about handing it to the whole Team, trackside and back at the factory.

And the Team takes P3 in the Constructors' Championship with 417 points.

Alex ends the campaign in P8 the standings.

That second place of course seals P3 in the Drivers' Standings for Max. He finishes with 278 points to LECs 264.

11. RIC. 12 HUL. 13 RAI. 14 MAG. 15 GRO. 16 GIO. 17 RUS. 18 GAS. 19 KUB.

Donuts from HAM and MAX on the start-finish straight! Great stuff.

1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 LEC. 4 BOT. 5 VET. 6 ALB. 7 PER. 8 NOR. 9 KVY. 10 SAI.

Behind them PER got past NOR on the final lap to take P7 and KVY was P9 ahead of SAI who passed HUL right at the death.

VET takes P5 and Alex is sixth. That's his eighth top-six finish of the year.

BOT can't quite reel in LEC at the end and the Ferrari is third ahead of the Mercedes.

And Max Verstappen takes his ninth podium finish of the season with second place!

Lewis Hamilton wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Chequered flag.

Final lap!

And it's one Alex has little chance of winning. Much newer medium tyres against ageing hards. VET powers past to take P5.

2 to go. The battle between Alex and VET is now on.

3 laps to go. Alex to VET is now 1.5s.


Alex is now just 3.6s ahead of VET. BOT now just 3.8s behind LEC.

5 laps to go.


PER is chasing down NOR who is in P7. That's the closest fight on track at the moment.


KVY passes HUL to take P9.

VET is closing on Alex at the rate of about a second lap. There could be a battle in the final laps.


10 laps to go... 1 HAM. 2 VER +17.1. 3 LEC +24.2 to Max. 4 BOT. 5 ALB. 6 VET +11.4 to Alex. 7 NOR. 8. HUL. 9 PER. 10 KVY.

15 laps to go and Max is 29s ahead of LEC. Alex is 18.6s ahead of VET.


1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 LEC. 4 BOT. 5 ALB. 6 VET. 7 KVY. 8 NOR. 9 HUL. 10 SAI.

In that kerfuffle BOT has got past Alex!

LEC has gone for soft tyres and rejoins in P3 and VET has taken mediums. He out in P6.

LEC is pitting. He's 21s ahead of VET. VET in too.

Alex is going to have his hands full very shortly.

BOT is flying at the moment. Since his stop he's closed an 8.8s gap to Alex to 2.7s.


1 HAM. 2 VER +15.2. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 ALB. +2.0 to VET. 6 BOT +2.7s to ALB.

Great move by Max down the inside of LEC's Ferrari into Turn 8 as the Ferrari dealt with a back marking Williams.

The Ferrari man fights back though and they bang wheels. Max comes out on top though.

And Max does it. he passes LEC rio take back P2.


Max still looking for answers to his questions about the PU but it's not stopping him from putting LEC under pressure. Half a second off the Ferrari now.


Max just 1.2 behind LEC.

BOT is pitting from P4.

Despite his concerns, Max is closing on LEC. He's just 3.2s behind the Ferrari man now.

Max is not happy with his car at the moment: "Something is not correct!" he tells GP who responds with instructions to make some PU changes.

HAM pits at the end of the next lap. He rejoins in the lead.

25 laps for Max on those starting mediums.

Max pits! Hard tyres on, no problems and he's back out in P3 behind LEC.

Alex has dropped back from VET, we're guessing to save tyres.


1 HAM. 2 VER +12.7. 3 LEC +17.0 to Max. 4 BOT. 5 VET. 6 ALB +1.9s to VET. 7 PER. 8 KVY. 9 RAI. 10 NOR.

Interesting. HUL has moved from softs to the medium tyre. He's in P12.


Alex closing in on VET now.

HUL has put 18 laps on that set of softs and being passed by BOT is his cue to pit.

Alex maintaining a watching brief just 0.7s behind VET as BOT clears HUL's Renault.


VET pressuring P5 man BOT now. The Finn is on 17-lap old mediums.

The Team react by bringing Alex in. Hard tyres on in 2.8s and he's back out in P7 2s behind VET.


1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 ALB. 4 LEC. 5 HUL. 6 BOT. 7 VET. 8 PER. 9 MAG. 10 RAI.

Ferrari pit both cars ands VET's stop is a disaster. Front left issue by the look of it and he's stationary for 6.9s.


Meanwhile, further back, BOT has already hauled himself into the points. He's up to P10 from P20.


How long can VET keep his starting softs alive? His last lap was a 1:44.195. Alex's a 1:44.184 and HAM's a 1:42.779.


Max now 2.2s behind LEC. Alex is now 4.8s behind P4 man VET.

Not surprisingly, NOR switches to the hard compound.

NOR is the first of the soft tyre starters to pit.


Max now 1.8s off LEC. Behind s VET. The German is on soft tyres and is expected to pit soon. Alex in P5.


Seems there a technical issue with the DRS which means its inactive everywhere at the moment.

GAS was involved in a collision with PER at the start and has pitted for a new nosecone. In fact he tangled with both Racing Points.


1 HAM. 2 LEC. 3 VER. 4 VET. 5 ALB. 6 NOR. 7 SAI. 8 RIC. 9 HUL. 10 MAG.

Alex also being pressed by both McLaren's as SAI passes RIC at the start. Alex holds them off though.

But Max has been passed by LEC and then comes under pressure from VET but he resists.

It's regulation start as HAM leads off there lines and everyone in the top six holds their position.

HAM drives towards his P1 grid slot, Max pulls up almost alongside... Here we go...

From 11 back KVY, RUS and KUB start on hards and GIO starts on softs. The rest are on mediums.

Of the top 10, both Bulls, both Mercs and LEC start on mediums. VET, NOR, RIC, SAI and HUL are on softs.

The formation lap is underway...

The hard tyre looks like the race tyre too, so expect the Bulls to move from starting mediums to the hard compound between lap 11 and lap 18.

Now, strategy wise, it looks like being a one-stopper.

And at 1707 local time we have an air temp of 26˚C and a track temp of 31˚C.

We're just 3 mins away from the formation lap now.

And our first since 2013 when Mark Webber was on pole and Sebastian Vettel started from P2. Seb went on to win that race.

Max's P2 is the Team’s seventh start from the front row here in Abu Dhabi.

So, Max will start from P5 and Alex from P5.

BOT will start from the back of the grid due to power unit changes.

16-20: 16 GIO. 17 RAI. 18 RUS. 19 KUB. 20 BOT.

11-15: 11 GAS. 12 STR. 13 KVY. 14 MAG. 15 GRO.

Let's run down the grid then: 1 HAM. 2 VER. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 ALB. 6 NOR. 7 RIC. 8 SAI. 9 HUL. 10 PER.

But with the grid unaffected by the issue, we'll leave all that for the officials to discuss later.

FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer has also been down to Sebastian Vettel's car on the grid.

So while it doesn't affect the grid there will undoubtedly be plenty to pore over after the race.

Race Control has since said that the discrepancy will be investigated after the race.

There was a significant difference between the declaration of the team and the amount of fuel inside the car.

It reads: The fuel declaration of car number 16 was checked before the car left the pit-lane.

About half an hour ago the FIA released official race document #34, which relates to the car of Charles Leclerc.

Now then, there's been a little drama already this afternoon.

Good afternoon and welcome to Yas Marina where the Race Station is live for the final race of the season - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

That sets up an exciting final Grand Prix of the season. We'll be live with all the action tomorrow afternoon. Join us then.

So Max will start from the front row for the 10th time in his career tomorrow and Alex will start from P5 for the third time in his short career.

The final Q3 order: 1 HAM 1:34.779. 2 BOT. 3 VER 1:35.139. 4 LEC. 5 VET. 6 ALB 1:35.682. 7 NOR. 8 RIC. 9 SAI. 10 HUL.

LEC qualifies in P4 ahead of VET and Alex takes P6 in the session with a lap of 1:35.682.

So Max qualified in P3 with his time of 1:35.139. But he will start the race from the front row as BOT has an engine penalty that pushes him to the back of the grid.

and Max will start the Abu Dhabi GP from P3 - 1:35.139.

Hamilton takes pole position with a lap of 1:34.779. BOT joins him on the front row with 1:34.973.

Chequered flag and it looks like LEC hasn't made it across the line in time!

Max starts his lap...

LEC being told to get a hurry on as Ferrari are "a bit tight on the out lap".

Now Max heads out, followed in short order by Alex. Here we go then...

RIC kicks off the final runs. He's got the track to himself at the moment.

He's followed by BOT, LEC and VET and Alex is in P6 with a lap of 1:35.682.

Max takes P2 with a lap of 1:35.139, +0.311 to HAM.

The opening runs fo Q3 are done and HAM leads on 1:34.828.

Q3 is underway.

LEC, HAM, BOT and the Bulls through on medium tyres. VET and the others in the top 10 on softs.

Eliminated are: 11 PER. 12 GAS. 13 STR. 14 KVY. 15 MAG.

So at the end of Q2 we have: 1 LEC 1:35.543. 2 HAM. 3 BOT. 4 VET. 5 VER 1:36.275. 6 SAI. 7 ALB 1:36.718. 8 NOR. 9 RIC. 10 HUL.

LEC goes quickest on his mediums! 1:35.543.

Chequered flag.

LEC on track on mediums. VET on softs.

In the drop zone as the final runs start: 11 KVY. 12 NOR. 13 STR. 14 GAS. 15 MAG.

In the top 7, the Bulls and the Mercedes pair on mediums, Ferrari and SAI on softs.

1 HAM 1:35.634. 2 BOT. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 VER 1:36.275. 6 SAI. 7 ALB 1:36.718. 8 RIC. 9 PER. 10 HUL.

BOT crosses the line and he jumps to P2 - 1:35.674.

Both Ferraris on soft tyres for their runs. HAM, Max and Alex on softs. BOT also on mediums about to start his run.

But he too is demoted, this time by the Ferraris. LEC into P2 on a time of 1:35.697 and VET into P3 on 1:35.786.

Max slots into P2 with a lap of 1:36.275.

Alex takes P1 with his first lap of 1:36.718 but HAM breezes past that marker. 1:35.634 for the Mercedes driver.

Q2 is green.

Top of the list in Q1: 1 HAM 1:35.851. 2 ALB 1:36.102. 3 BOT 1:36.200. 4 VER 1:36.390. 5 LEC 1:36.478.

15 MAG. 16 GRO. 17 GIO. 18 RAI. 19 RUS. 20 KUB.

Plenty of movement in the lower reaches as the final times came in but in the end the drivers eliminated at the end of Q1 are...

Alex's final lap vaults him to P2 – 1:36.102. Good stuff.

The Mercedes drivers have pitted.

3 to go and HAM and BOT are on track again on softs. Max, LEC and VET in the garages at the moment. Alex on an out lap on softs.

In the drop zone are: 16 RAI. 17 GRO. 18 RUS. 19 GIO. 20 KUB.

5 mins to go: 1 HAM 1:36.231. 2 VER 1:36.390. 3 BOT 1:36.468. 4 LEC. 5 VET. 6 ALB 1:37.330. 7 SAI. 8 NOR. 9 RIC. 10 HUL. 11 PER. 12 GAS. 13 KVY. 14 STR. 15 MAG.

Alex has improved to 1:37.330. He's currently in P6 as VET has now put in a time and has taken P5.

LEC went purple in the first two sectors but then was six tenths slower than BOT in the final sector, where the Finn is currently quickest.

Alex making another attempt now.

HAM has gone quickest - 1:36.231.

Problem for VET. Looks like he was winding up for his first flyer but lost control our of the final corner. He spun on the pit straight but is OK.

10 mins to go in Q1.

Max stops the clock at 1:36.390 on his first lap. P1 for the Dutchman as LEC jumps to P2.

The top time in FP3 was Max's 1:36.566 so plenty more to come...

Alex opens his account with a lap of 1:37.699.

Max now also starting his first hot lap of the session.

And would you believe it, Alex is the first man out on track. Soft tyres onboard.

We have a green light at the end of the pit lane. Qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is underway.

The drop does have an affect on how the cars handle so we'll see who best managed to dial their cars in for later afternoon conditions in FP2 yesterday.

The track temp fall is steeper and we've dropped 7˚C since FP3. Track temp is currently at 32˚C.

The temperature is falling here at Yas and we're down three degrees from FP3. It's now 26˚C ambient.

We're just shy of six minutes away from Q1 here in Abu Dhabi, where it's nearly 5pm local.

Welcome back to Yas Marina Circuit, where the RS is live for the final Qualifying session of 2019.

So far, so good for the Bulls ahead of Qualifying. We'll be back with all the action from that in a couple of hours. Join us then!

VET and LEC in P5 and P6 set their best times on medium tyres, the rest of the top 10 on softs.

11 GRO. 12 KVY. 13 NOR. 14 MAG. 15 STR. 16 RAI. 17 HUL. 18 GIO. 19 RUS. 20 KUB.

The final order: 1 VER 1:36.566. 2 HAM 1:36.640. 3 BOT 1:36.655. 4 ALB 1:36.927. 5 VET 1:36.975. 6 LEC. 7 PER. 8 RIC. 9 SAI. 10 GAS.

Alex ends the session in P4. His best time: 1:36.927, +0.361 to Max.

So at the end of the final practice session one the season – Max Verstappen is quickest! 1:36.566 for the Dutchman. Just 0.074 ahead of HAM.

Not quite sure why VET was out on those softs as he's not going to get a lap in.

Chequered flag.

VET is now on an out lap with softs on. LEC still on mediums.

Alex is on another flyer but he's hit traffic in the final sector and has been held up badly.

2 mins to go.

Max currently looking very good in the first two sectors but the final twisty section is where he's giving time away. He's around 0.5s off HAM there.

and 38.2 in the final sector. That puts him into P1 with a lap of 1:36.566.

Max going again... 17.0s in S1, and then he's quickest in S2, 41.2s...

P4 for Alex. A really good final sector made up for a small error in S1. 1:36.927 for Alex, +0.287 to HAM, +0.272 to Max.

Alex now into his first soft tyre hot lap.

9 mins left.

And even though he shed a bit of the advantage in S3, Max slots into P3 – 1:36.729, +0.015s to HAM.

Plenty of PBs in the micro sectors through the opening two sectors of the track...

Max starts his hot lap. He's currently 0.562 off HAM's P1 time of 1:36.640.

Max is back on track on an out lap. Soft tyres on.

BOT moves back to P2 on a new set of softs – 1:36.655. But HAM goes wide and his lap is gone.

Now, VET has just jumped to P2 using mediums. His time: 1:36.975, +0.335 to HAM. LEC takes P3 also on mediums, 0.035s off VET.

Speaking of mediums – last year most of the front runners progressed from Q2 without using the softest rubber on offer. Max was an exception.

VET has headed out on track on a set of mediums.

With the exception of Alex whose P10 time was on mediums, the rest of the top 10 were on softs.

Top 10 order with 36 minutes gone: 1 HAM 1:36.640. 2 BOT 1:37.189. 3 VER 1:37.202. 4 VET 1:38.170. 5 RIC 1:38.271. 6 GAS. 7 GRO. 8 KVY. 9 MAG. 10 ALB 1:38.816.

And indeed, with 10 laps on the board Alex pits.

Alex is currently in P10, still circulating on that set of mediums. Almost 10 laps in now.

He was forced to take evasive action and run very wide. Close call.

Meanwhile, Alex has had a bit of a fright. He was on a quick lap when he came across a very slow Renault on the racing line in Turn 17.

HAM moves into the 1m36s bracket to reclaim P1. He's now 0.325 clear of Max with a time of 1:36.877. Max has got down to 1:37.202.He's P3.

Max goes quickest – 1:37.202. He's 0.497 clear of HAM.

HAM has taken over in P1 with a lap of 1:37.699.

Max is now on track on a set of softs.

Not saying that Alex is quite heading for P1 on softs, as there's plenty of time to be found yet, but the gap is consistent with yesterday's reckoning.

Yesterday Pirelli estimated the performance gap between soft and medium to be around a second.

Alex's first lap of the day puts him fourth with a time of 1:38.816 - 0.9s off the pace on his medium tyres.

VET takes P2 with a time of 1:38.170 on softs.

BOT posts a time of 1:37.911 to jump to P1 ahead of RIC and HUL. Soft tyres for all three.

Alex has headed out of the garage. Medium compound Pirellis on for his first taste of today's track conditions.

We have a few more cars on track now – SAI, the Alfas and the Renaults have joined the fun, as has BOT.

NOR sets the first time of the afternoon - 1:38.987, on medium tyres.

Wait a minute.... action stations! Lando Norris is on track.

Well, it's all gone terribly quiet now. After a bunch of installs, the track is now deserted.

Quickest man yesterday was Valtteri Bottas whose qualifying sim yielded a time of 1:36.256.

Now, yesterday Max was P5 in FP2 with a time of 1:36.807. Alex was in P6, half a second further back.

We have a green light. RAI is the first out, quickly followed by MAG.

We're almost ready to roll for FP3 and...

It's the Gulf, it's almost December and so the weather is absolutely perfect here on Yas Island with an air temp of 26˚C and a track temp of 39˚C.

Good morning and welcome to the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and to the final practice session of 2019.