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Le Castellet

Circuit Automobile Paul Ricard

Returning to the F1 calendar last season, it was our first time racing on the modern version of the big layout at Ricard since 1985. Being one of F1’s favourite testing venues in more recent history, the Circuit Paul Ricard’s even distribution of high-, medium- and low-speed corners makes for an overtaking spectacle.

First F1 Grand Prix:
Circuit Length:
Race Distance:
Lap Record:

Laps: 53


Circuit Automobile Paul Ricard

Friday 21st June

Practice 1

Practice 2

Saturday 22nd June

Practice 3


Sunday 23rd June


Racing Record

Circuit Automobile Paul Ricard

Lap Record

1:34.225 Valtteri Bottas (2018)

Last Season’s Result

1.Daniel RicciardoRed Bull Racing
2.Kimi RäikkönenFERRARI
3.Lewis HamiltonMercedes
4.Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing
5.Sebastian VettelFerrari

Our Best Results

3rd Place
Max Verstappen (2018)

Overall Results

  • 0 Fastest Laps
  • 0 Poles
  • 0 Wins


Drivers Standings

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas187
2Valtteri BottasMercedes AMG Petronas151
3Sebastian VettelFerrari112
4Max VerstappenAston Martin Red Bull Racing100
5Charles LeclercFerrari87
6Pierre GaslyAston Martin Red Bull Racing37
7Carlos SainzMcLaren26
8Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo Racing19
9Daniel RicciardoRenault F1 Team16
10Nico HülkenbergRenault F1 Team16
11Lando NorrisMcLaren14
12Kevin MagnussenRich Energy Haas F1 Team14
13Sergio PérezSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team13
14Daniil KvyatRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda10
15Alexander AlbonRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda7
16Lance StrollSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team6
17Romain GrosjeanRich Energy Haas F1 Team2
18Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo Racing0
19Robert KubicaROKiT Williams Racing0
20George RussellROKiT Williams Racing0

Constructor Standings

1Mercedes AMG PetronasGermany158338
3Aston Martin Red Bull RacingAustria20137
4McLarenGreat Britain0040
5Renault F1 Team0032
6SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team0019
7Alfa Romeo Racing0019
8Red Bull Toro Rosso HondaItaly0017
9Rich Energy Haas F1 Team0016
10ROKiT Williams Racing000

France Grand Prix

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas1:24:31
2Valtteri BottasMercedes AMG Petronas+00:18
3Charles LeclercFerrari+00:18
4Max VerstappenAston Martin Red Bull Racing+00:34
5Sebastian VettelFerrari+01:02
6Carlos SainzMcLaren+01:35
7Kimi RäikkönenAlfa Romeo Racing+1 Lap(s)
8Nico HülkenbergRenault F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
9Lando NorrisMcLaren+1 Lap(s)
10Pierre GaslyAston Martin Red Bull Racing0:00:01
11Daniel RicciardoRenault F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
12Sergio PérezSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
13Lance StrollSportPesa Racing Point F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
14Daniil KvyatRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda+1 Lap(s)
15Alexander AlbonRed Bull Toro Rosso Honda+1 Lap(s)
16Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo Racing+1 Lap(s)
17Kevin MagnussenRich Energy Haas F1 Team+1 Lap(s)
18Robert KubicaROKiT Williams Racing+2 Lap(s)
19George RussellROKiT Williams Racing0:00:02
20Romain GrosjeanRich Energy Haas F1 Team DNF

Live Updates

Pumped & ExcitedMood IconMood IconMood In The Garage

So as the top three drivers spray the champagne, we'll hit the road for the trip from here to the Red Bull Ring. See you next weekend.

It's fast, it's furious and it's got all the schnitzel we can eat - it doesn't get much better than that.

That's our lot from the French Grand Prix, but we'll be back next weekend, from our home race - the Austrian Grand Prix!

11 GAS. 12 PER. 13. STR. 14 KVY. 15 ALB. 16 GIO. 17 MAG. 18. KUB. 19 RUS.

The final order: 1 HAM. 2 BOT +18.0. 3 LEC +0.9 to BOT. 4 VER. 5 VET (FL). 6 SAI. 7 RIC. 8 RAI. 9 HUL. 10 NOR.

So LEC reckons that BOT struggled to turn on his tyres after the VSC and that allowed him to attack.

Looks like it was a bit of a scrap for Norris' spot and RIC is under investigation for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.

And Pierre finishes in P11. A tough afternoon for the local favourite.

A shame for NOR - he couldn't hold out at the end and was passed by RUC, RAI and HUL. He finished in P10.

VET takes fastest lap with his last lap - 1:32.740.

HAM takes the win. BOT holds on for P2 ahead of LEC and Max Verstappen finished the French Grand Prix in fourth place.

LEC is right with BOT now too. Where did that come from?

NOR has a train of cars behind now. RIC, RAI and HUL also closing in.

Fastest lap challenger in the offing. BOT currently has the fastest lap of the race.

VET pits. He's got a free stop gap back to SAI, and has taken softs.

And it's removed. High drama!

There's some debris on the track in S1. looks like a track bollard.

Max is currently 4.7 ahead of VET.

5 laps remaining. HAM now leads BOT by 14s. LEC is in P3 8.5s ahead of Max.

Sounds like NOR has a hydraulic problem - first DRS goes, then upshifts and now he's told his steering will get heavy.

NOR is now complaining of "really bad upshifts" and is told it's part of the problems the team is managing. There we go, no needle at all there.


After Stroll's stop, Pierre is now in P11, 3s behind HUL and 4.2 clear of PER.

He asks if it's a problem of if he's not allowed to use it. He's told he's not allowed.

The rookie is told the team is managing a DRS issue and that's he's not to use it.

Meanwhile, a little bit of needle at McLaren it seems as NOR claims he's quicker than SAI.

STR pits at last, 39 laps in. He swaps hard for medium tyres and emerges in P13 behind team-mate PER.


Pierre is in P12 now, 1.2 behind HUL.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +11.9. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 VET. 6 STR. 7 SAI. 8 NOR. 9 RIC. 10 RAI.

HUL and RAI have pitted. STR is the last man out there on starting tyres.

Correction - make that P13. GRO dismissed.

Pierre is currently in P14.

RAI, HUL and STR all need to pit. They're still on starting hard tyres.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +11.9. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 VET. 6 RAI. 7 HUL. 8 STR. 9 SAI. 10 NOR.

VET pits at the end of lap 25. 2.2s stationary and he's back out in P5 around 4.5s behind Max.

HAM pits and emerges just ahead of VET, who still requires a pit stop.

BOT has made his stop. Back out in P3, behind HAM and VET. HAM told to box on the next lap.

He rejoins in P4 and is 5s ahead of Max.

LEC pits at the end of lap 21. 2.7s stop. Hard tyres as you'd expect.

Ahead of him are HAM, BOT, LEC and VET, all of whom are yet to pit.

Max pits at the end of lap 20. 2.4s stationary. Hard tyres on and he's back out in P5.

PER has pitted. So Pierre is now P15 .

But RIC, with tyres up to temp, manages to get past.

Pierre pits at the end of lap 18. 2.1s stationary. Great work. He's back out in P15 ahead of RIC.

Hard tyres for RIC.

RIC pits from P9 at the end of lap 16. He rejoins in P16.

11 HUL. 12 PER. 13 STR. 14 ALB. 15 KVY. 16 MAG. 17 GRO. 18 KUB. 19 GIO. 20 RUS.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +3.3. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 VET. 6 SAI. 7 NOR. 8 GAS. 9 RIC. 10 RAI.

HAM says "something broke on my seat".


Pierre being pushed hard now by RIC. Pierre in the late 1m37s.

VET sets the fastest lap so far to close the gap to Max to 6.8s.


Max is lapping at the same pace as VET at the moment.


Max is 8.0s ahead of VET now.

At the end of lap 7 GIO pits to get rid of his starting softs. Pierre now the only man on track on softs.


VET passes SAI to claim P5. The Ferrari driver is on a march.


Pierre now 1.4 behind NOR.


Max is now 1.9s LEC but he is already 5.9s clear of SAI.


VET has passed NOR for P6.

Looks like RIC made a really good start but just braked very early for Turn 1 and lost ground. Strange.


1 HAM. 2 BOT +1.5. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 SAI. 6 NOR. 7 VET. 8 GAS. 9 GIO. 10 RIC.

Max has been on the radio saying he's not getting out of the corners well: "there's a lag," he says. He's told to stand by.

SAI has passed NOR to take P5.

RIC has dropped too P10. Pierre is up too P8.

And we're away. HAM keeps P1 ahead of BOT and LEC. Max holds P4.

Cars forming on the grid now...

Hard tyres for RAI, HUL, GRO, STR and KVY. Everyone else on Mediums.

The formation lap is underway...

Expect them to pit early to shed those used, fragile tyres.

They are the only men to start on the red-banded compound.

GIO also starts on softs.

Pierre, though, made it to Q3 on soft tyres, so he'll start on those.

The top 8 made it through Q2 on medium tyres and so they'll start on those.

The track temps are among the highest we've seen this year so far.

And fairly obviously, there is zero chance of rain for the race.

It is hot here at the Circuit Paul Ricard - 26˚C air temp and 56˚C on track.

KVY and RUS are starting from the back of the grid due to the use of additional power unit elements.

16-20: 16 GRO. 17 STR. 18 KUB. 19 KVY. 20 RUS.

11-15: ALB. 12 RAI. 13 HUL. 14 PER. 15 MAG.

From 1-10: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 NOR. 6 SAI. 7 VET. 8 RIC. 9 GAS. 10 GIO.

...which gives us time for a look at the grid and the weather.

We're a little under 10 minutes out from the formation lap here in extremely warm Provence...

Good afternoon and welcome to the Circuit Paul Ricard where we are live for the French Grand Prix.

We'll take our leave now, but we'll b e back tomorrow afternoon for live coverage of the French Grand Prix. Join us then.

So Max repeats his grid slot from last year - a race in which he finished in P2 – and Pierre scores his best home race grid position yet with P9.

There top 10 order: 1 HAM. 2 BOT. 3 LEC. 4 VER. 5 NOT. 6 SAI. 7 VET. 8 RIC. 9 GAS. 10 GIO.

VET though can only manage P7 behind the McLarens of NOR in P5 and SAI in P6.

Pierre also improves, to 1:30.184 and that's good enough for P9.

And Max jumps to P4 with an improved time of 1:29.409.

BOT can't respond and takes P2 ahead of LEC.

And he goes quicker again - 1:28.319! Pole position and a new track record.

HAM quickest in S2....

Final runs starting...

1 HAM 1:28.448. 2 BOT 1:28.605. 3 LEC 1:29.015. 4 VER 1:29.695. 5 SAI 1:29.708. 6 1:29.826. 7 RIC 1:29.985. 9 GAS 1:30.506. 9 VET. 10 GIO.

VET didn't complete his lap after several mistakes during his run. He's in P9 ahead of GIO who stayed in the garage.

Max takes P4 with a time of 1:29.695. Pierre is P8 with 1:30.506.

HAM takes provisional pole with a time of 1:28.448. That's 1.6s faster than last year's pole position time.

Here we go then... Q3 begins.

So it looks like the top eight in Q2 will start on medium tyres.

Out go: 11 ALB. 12 RAI. 13 HUL. 14 PER. 15 MAG.

1-10. 1 BOT 1:29.437. 2 VET 1:29.506. 3 HAM 1:29.520. 4 LEC. 5 NOR. 6 VER. 7 SAI. 8 RIC. 9 GIO. 10 GAS.

He does. Max makes it through in P6 - 1:30.099. Pierre through in P10, 1:30.421.

Pierre is currently P13 but he jumps to P10. Can he hold it?

Let's see now if those yellow tyre times can withstand second runs on softs from those behind.

Sainz is in P6 on mediums ahead of HUL on softs, Pierre in P7 on softs, and ALB and PER.

All of those times were set on Mediums.

Current order 6 mins to go: 1 BOT 1:29.437. 2 HAM 1:29.520. 3 LEC 1:29.934. 4 VER 1:30.099. 5 VET 1:30.128.

HUL is the closes man on softs with a 1:30.686.

Max on mediums, currently P4.

Max takes P3 – 1:30.572. Pierre on softs 1:30.731, P7 which rapidly becomes P8

Sainz out on mediums. That's interesting.

Q2 begins - both Mercs on mediums.

BOT tops the table - 1:30.550 from HAM, LEC, HUL, RIC. The Renault pair put in good late laps to finish ahead of PER, RAI, NOR, SAI and VET,

Max did a single run but goes through with relative ease in P14 - 1:31.327.

That's it! In the end Pierre goes through in P11 - 1:31.152.

Pierre up to P8 as the flag comes out. 1:31.152.

Pierre, currently in P12, has gone out again.

in the drop zone with 1min to go...ALB, STR, PER, RUS, KUB.

So the bottom half of the field on out laps now.

KVY jumps to P6. 1:31.564.

5 to go, in the drop zone are: 16 PER. 17 MAG. 18 RUS. 19 KVY. 20. KUB.

Max vaults to P4 with a second flying lap – 1:31.327.

Pierre has headed for the pitlane. He sits on that opening time of 1:32.082.

The second runs lower the benchmark. BOT still in P1 but now he's on 1:30.550, 0.059 ahead of HAM.

The top 10 with 8 mins to go: 1 BOT 1:31.378. 2 LEC. 3 HAM. 4 VET. 5 SAI. 6 RIC. 7 GAS 8 RAI. 9 GIO. 10 NOR.

Max's first, a lap of 1:32.636m, is only good enough for P11. He'll likely wind up for a second attempt.

Pierre's first lap of 1:32.082 nets P6.

But LEC breezes past that - 1:31.441 and BOT edges past the top Ferrari with a time of 1:31.378.

VET is the first of the frontrunners to set a time: 1:31.846.

Max and Pierre on track now.

And Sergio Pérez has the honour of posting the first time: 1:34.130. That won't stay top for too long...

First lap times about to arrive on the board...

Q1 is underway and the first man out is Daniil Kvyat.

Q1 should be more of a formality (fingers crossed), but we'll find out in about 1 minute.

So, Q2 could be interesting in terms of the strategies teams pursue.

For us, close rivals Ferrari the picture is less clear, as behind, McLaren are enjoying a good weekend and Renault improved this morning.

That will certainly be the case with Mercedes who were almost half a second clear of the field in FP3.

What it means is that in these temps the best choice would be to start on the medium.

The compound is going off quickly but it seems that in some cases it goes off quickly but is still capable of two quick laps - with the second often the best.

Now that temperature is giving teams some headaches when it comes to using the soft tyre.

It currently sits at a tyre-melting 56˚C.

In the 2 hours since the end of FP3 the track temperature here has continued to escalate.

And we're back in the room. Welcome back to the Circuit Paul Ricard where we're a little less than 10 mins away from Qualifying for the French GP.

That's our lot from final practice here at Paul Ricard. Join us again in two hours when we'll be live with qualifying for the French Grand Prix.

11 HUL. 12 GIO. 13 ALB. 14 GRO. 15 MAG. 16 PER. 17 KVY. 18 STR. 19 KUB. 20 RUS.

The full order: 1 BOT. 2 HAM. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 VER. 6 GAS. 7 NOR. 8 RIC. 9 SAI. 10 RAI.

Max finishes in P6 – 1:31.599.

Max ends the session in P5 – 1:31.583.

So BOT takes top sport in FP3 with that time of 1:30.159 ahead of HAM, LEC and VET.

Chequered flag.

Pierre joins him.

Max back in pit lane now.

Two by two in the top 10 at the moment.

Five minutes left. 1 BOT 1:30.159. 2 HAM. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 VER. 6 GAS. 7 NOR. 8 SAI. 9 RAI. 10 GIO.

No improvement for Max or Pierre on a second lap.

Max P5 – 1:31.538, that's +1.379 to BOT. Pierre jumps to P6 – 1:31.599, +0.021 to Max.

Max into his lap now, as is Pierre who sets a PB in the first sector.

LEC now +0.446 to BOT in P3, VET in P4 two tenths off his team-mate.

Max and Pierre on track.

But he can't beat BOT. A lap 1:30.200 for HAM, P2, +0.041 to BOT.

HAM having another go - a tenth up through S2.

LEC and VET now on track too.

HAM makes a mistake on his flying lap and goes well wide. That's his lap gone.

Merc currently have the track to themselves.

1:30.159 for BOT. Seven tenths up on his earlier P1 time.

And they're also joined by BOT.

.... and NOR.

38 mins: Just HUL and RAI on track currently.

Max and Pierre in the garage at the moment.

30 mins in and we now have: 1 BOT 1:30.853. 2 HAM +0.255. 3 LEC. 4 VET. 5 VER 1:31.933, +1.080. 6 HUL. 7 NOR. 8 SAI. 9 ALB. 10 GAS 132.616, +1.763.

But HAM goes quicker – 1:31.108.

Max takes P5 with his first lap proper – 1:31.933, +0.815s to current P1 man LEC.

Max on track now.

Max still in the garage at the moment.

HAM slots into P2 - 1:31.700, but he's pushed out to P3 by LEC who laps in 1:31.466 to take P2 behind BOT.

BOT was the fastest man in FP2 with a time of 1:30.937.

Now BOT takes top spot – 1:31.383.

Measured start for Pierre - 1:32.679. P3 behind HUL and NOR.

Pierre is out on track now for a look around. He's on softs.

But it's Daniel Ricciardo who takes P1 with a time of 1:32.690.

KVY has taken a sizeable chunk out of his P1 time and is now down to 1:32.744. HUL now out on track too.

Track evolution yesterday was significant, with the track likely to ramp up more today thanks to support races and this session.

While that performance gap between soft and medium stood at around 0.6s yesterday it's possible that will shift a little today.

Right, we have times on the board! Well, two to be precise. KVY is in P1 with a time of 1:33.398, 2.4s clear of KUB.

There's a 0.6s performance gap between the soft and the medium, according to Pirelli, so expect teams to try to set their quickest Q2 on that compound later on.

Both drivers yesterday reported that the soft compound was suffering quite a bit in the heat, an opinion reflected elsewhere in the pit lane.

Pierre, meanwhile, took P7 in FP2.

He was hampered on his first attempt by a spinning Lewis Hamilton and made a small mistake on a second attempt.

As for Max and Pierre, well Max was in P6 in FP2 as he didn't get a clean soft tyre run.

His team-mate Carlos Sainz was seventh yesterday. So they're looking in good shape this weekend.

The rookie was one of yesterday's quickest men - taking P5 in FP2.

And we're up running here at beautiful Ricard, and one of the first on track is McLaren's Lando Norris.

The track temperature is at a soft tyre melting 47˚C.

Weather wise, well it couldn't be more perfect. The sun his beating down from a cloudless azure sky and we have an air temp of 25˚C.

We're just about two minutes out from the start of this last practice session before qualifying.

Good morning and welcome to beautiful Provence and to the Circuit Paul Ricard for live coverage of FP3 for the French Grand Prix.